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Backordered No ETA. Updated 07/15/2020. Consist of 1 Turbo to Intercooler hose and 3 hump hoses. High quality silicone hoses, made to withstand the higher boost on modified trucks. 3x Hump hoses (3"i.d. x 4") and 1x Turbo to intercooler (2.75 i.d. x 7.625")Fits 2003-2007.5 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Die..

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Improving on Perfection was not easy, Our BL1300x kit combines years of field testing our BL1300 kit we employed many improvements in our design but also using Modern cutting edge Turbo technology wit. Short Description: Boost Logic 1300x Turbo Kit

The Boost Logic GTR turbo kit is built around two of Garrett’s Dual Ball Bearing GT series turbochargers with optional billet compressor wheel technology. The Turbochargers are sized for each application to suit the way the customer uses their vehicle, with power outputs ranging from 600 to over 1500 wheel horse power.
However, the turbo left us unable to turn the boost higher, and we were stuck at running 2 lbs less boost than we were able to run with the stock turbo, or 14 lbs falling to 11 lbs. With the stock turbo, we were at 16 lbs falling to 14 lbs on top. So, we would have to address this.
With single turbo kits becoming more common we felt a proper control system update was a must. While the offerings on the market have worked for a while, the list of control systems to run simple processes such as boost control was getting to be a bit tedious. The MOTIV Boost Box is a simple yet elegant and efficient solution to boost control .
Jul 17, 2020 · 91-00 SC300 with 2JZ-GE or 2JZ-GE VVTI 86-93 Supra MK3 with 2JZ-GE or 2JZ-GE VVTI Swap This Kit Converts 2JZGE to Turbo Charged. Supports 500 HP. Item(s) Included in this Auction: - T70 Turbo, 4" Air Inlet - Stainless Steel manifold - 50mm 10 PSI Wastegate, with Dump tube - Oil Feeding line kit, Sandwich - 3" Downpipe - 4" Intake and Air Filter ...
We can dyno test most years, makes and models of vehicles. Including all-wheel drive (without damage to your center diff) late model Audi, Porsche, Nissan. Can also dyno most FWD and RWD platforms. The dyno logs air/fuel and boost levels on turbo and supercharged vehicles. (we also keep your results on file in our computer).
Many of Boost Logic’s records in racing still stand to this day, long after the brand stopped racing Supras competitively. It has also developed industry-leading packages for the 996 Porsche 911 Turbo, 997 Turbo, and 991 Turbo. The brand is constantly expanding its profile to include other models as well, most recently the powerful R35 GTRs ...
Exhaust Components; ... Boost Logic MKV Supra Turbo Kit. Weight: 100 lbs: Short Description: Turbo kit ... This kit contains everything you need to convert your Non Turbo MKIV Supra or SC300 into a turbo charged sleeper. Here is the list of parts included. Boost Logic 321SS Tubular Manifold 1 5/8” Tubing and 1/2” Thick 321SS Flanges (Turbo’s with a 4” inlet clears the distributor. Manifold fits a turbo up to a T76)
TURBO CHARGING.. Evolution TURBO UPGRADE COMPLETE. Unit Lore The Hydraloid was created by Gazia, a demi-god fallen into his abyss of power and stature during the days of the augmentation wars in Athenshpere. It was built to mimic a Hydra's prowess in water.
Pre-Owned Used Exotic Cars at Underground Racing Motors LLC - 881402, 2010, Ferrari, Twin Turbo, 458, , $329,000, 881402-Ferrari_458TT_01.jpg, VIN:ZFF67NFA9A0175899, Bianco Avus, Black Leather and Suede with Grey stitching, 1800mi, 4.5L V8, 7 Speed F1, RWD, OEM Powder Coated, Michelin Pilot Sport Z rated<br>Front: 235/35/20<br>Rear: 295/35/20
We offer a complete range of accessories to help you with installation, mounting and customization of VDO products. Our range includes instrument mounting hardware, mechanical gauge tubing kits, level sender mounting and installation hardware, ALAS II draw and return tubes and plugs, instrument panels and panel accessories, wire and wiring harnesses, connectors, pins and terminals, warning ...
TOYOTA x BOOST LOGIC. Rutledge Wood teamed up with Rick Leos for the second time to build a car for SEMA. They reached out to Boost Logic for assistance in the "Go-fast" department. For 90 days boost logic was hard at work producing some new parts for the amazing A90 platform before its initial release.
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  • Dec 07, 2016 · With the 2.7l ecoboost in my 2015 f150 i can appreciate the turbo effect. Especially since my friend has the same truck w a 5.0 my truck makes 50% more power at cruising speeds from review of the ...
  • Apr 08, 2020 · One thing is clear that this car needs more power so Adam LZ upgrades the turbo on his 2020 Toyota Supra with a Boostlogic turbo kit and the new Garrett G30-770 turbocharger! Watch as Adam and Alberto BigBoost unbox, and install the turbo kit, then head to the dyno with Jordan from RK Tunes to see how much power the car makes.
  • Thanks to the optimization in significant levels of torque increased, turbo lag is reduced dramatically. QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION* The original wiring harness of the vehicle does not have to be modified in any way which makes installation simple.
  • Most of the people overheating are turbo'd and 400-700rwhp, so that may skew the reviews. Once you go turbo you need to V-mount the intercooler setup for any prolonged racing. One thing I know for sure though is the stock fan and shroud is 100% track proven up to 400hp.
  • single turbo sc300 boost logic 4" supra exhaust modded by bean fab NJ BC 272

Borg Warner S467.7 T4 FMW Billet 67.7mm 178855. 178855 - AKA S467 - AKA 9183 - AKA 67/73 - AKA 67-73 86lbs/min 850 horsepower Compressor Specs: - Borg Warner Race Cover 5.5" Inlet 3"Hose Outlet compressor housing with port shroud map width enhancement. - 67.7mm inducer 91mm exducer FMW...

Dec 20, 2020 · GReddy Performance Products is a leading manufacturer of superior quality exhaust systems, cooling systems, electronics, turbo kits, and accessories. The company is the division of the Trust company LTD, which was established in Japan in 1977 and is the primary source for automotive performance parts around the globe. Connector Kit by # of Ways Connector Pigtail by # of Ways JST / JAE Master Connector Kits Mating Connector Pair Kits Motorcycle Specific Bulkhead Connector Kits Coil Connectors Injector connectors OBD II Universal Terminals Bosch Delphi / Packard Deutsch Ford / EPC Furukawa Kostal Sumitomo Tyco / AMP Yazaki COVID 19 Data Logging/Dash Systems is proud to present:, Lexus IS300 Cat Back Exhaust, Lexus IS300 Engine Management, Lexus IS300 Fuel Injectors, Lexus IS300 Intakes, Lexus IS300 Suspension, Lexus IS300 Turbo Kits, Lexus IS300 Turbo Manifolds

PR12 Turbo kit inclusive of Garrett turbo’s, custom manifolds and Turbosmart wastegates. Wiggins style clamps used on entire boost system (no silicon joiners) Plazmaman PR12 intercooler kit with custom fabricated piping inclusive of powdercoating. Tomei 4″ titanium racing exhaust system with custom mid-pipe to suit PR12 turbo kit.

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GHz w/Turbo, Quad-Core • 4 GB RAM • 1 TB SATA HDD • Internal DVD-RW drive • 7 USB 3.0 ports (4 on rear, 3 on Fiery QuickTouch panel) • ®2 USB 2.0 ports • Windows ® 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB • Fiery FS200 Pro system software • Fiery QuickTouch™ software File format support • Adobe ® PostScript ® Levels 1, 2, 3 • Adobe PDF ...