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Jul 25, 2012 · Friends, I just purchased a .32 Cal Tumble Lube Lee mold TL314-90-SWC for my Taurus .327 Magnum pistol. I'm shooting .32 H&R Magnum through it right now as it's a good round for my wife. The mold drops boolits at .316 @ 91-93 gns so it should be a good fit. I have a question pertaining to crimping this round.

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The Best Lube to Use with Sounds. What is the best lube to use with sounds? There is no one brand or type of a lube that is considered the best. However, you need to make sure that it fulfills all of the above criteria. Pay special attention to sterility: your chosen lubricant has to be sterile.

Mar 01, 2016 · Much google searching lead me to the conclusion that it's galvanic corrosion, wich apearently was a big issue with road bikes when the SOP was no lube, no grease and carbon paste didn't exist yet. The corrosion also appears to be only on the bottom half of the post, would think ass sweat would be the other way around.
Nov 30, 2015 · Re: Can Adderall b vaporized? well I has done this with addies , dexedrine , even diet pills like tenuate (other brand) gel caps and xr versions , yeah i know those contain diethylcat. but some ppl just wanna get the rush out of anything and of course shooting pills is not particulary a good ideea
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Benchrite Super Bolt Lube bolt body lubricant is a special formula oil for the body of the bolt – not the lugs or camming surfaces. This lube is applied with your finger to the body of the bolt and makes even non-fluted bolts glide very smoothly in the action.
• Keep the barrel blocking device in/on the marker’s Barrel when not shooting. • Always remove paintballs and the air source before disassembly. • After removing the air source, point marker in safe direction and discharge until marker is degassed. • Store the marker unloaded and degassed in a secure place.
Jan 05, 2012 · Well, some Reddit members are ensuring the alternate definition for “Santorum” applies to queries for the last name by itself and for searches using his first and last name. The strategy, just in case you forgot, was explained perfectly in the Reddit comments: A public notice regarding Santorum.
Placed order in late April and received wrong nozzles for oil. Attempted to reach out to customer service for months. Attempted contact on Facebook and eventually received a message back.
Any experience with Shooter Lube? I keep getting ads for it in my facebook feed, and the majority of people commenting have nothing but positive things to say about it. Their comments are suspiscious to me; just gives me the "fake" vibe. I use Hoppes #9 for bore cleaner and oil, but thought I might try something different that won't smell so ...
Super Bolt Body Lube is not gummy, wipes off easily, and stays on the bolt body for several matches. This lube is very similar to the original Tru Kote Bolt Body Lube, but we made it slightly more viscous to stay on the bolt longer. Pricing: Benchrite Super Bolt Lube (1 ounce applicator bottle) $6.00 Postage and handling (First Class Mail) $4.95.
Aug 24, 2019 · The worse gun was the S&W EZ 380. AFTER performing the lube trick above, I loaded 4 different magazines FULL with 8 rounds each. Shot ALL of them, a total of 96 rounds, NOT A SINGLE FAILURE OF ANY KIND. If you want to save a little money. You can get the Dupont dry lube in a LIQUID Form, instead of the spray can, for about 1/3 the price.
Mar 14, 2013 · The victims at the Herkimer oil-change shop, Gaffney's Fast Lube, were identified as employee Thomas Stefka, in his 60s, and Michael Renshaw, in his 40s, from Frankfort.
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  • Using lube is perfectly normal. When it comes to sex, no matter what you enjoy, you can usually play by the rule: the wetter the better.This logic works, well… fluidly when it comes to lube ...
  • Yes, it has a taper. I use K&M mandrels and use Imperial Wax on a Q-Tip to lightly lube inside the neck. You'll also need the threaded plug to hold the mandrel. Then adjust the mandrel plug in your press so that it sizes the full neck but does not hit the bottom of case. Very simple to use.
  • More than one shooting instructor I know has said that when they teach defensive rifle classes, the M1 Carbines show up in students’ hands right alongside of AR-, AK- and HK-pattern rifles.
  • When I try to suck up really thick anal lube like California Exotic's Anal Lube, there is an air bubble at the tip of the Lube Shooter plunger. And the stuff is so thick that trying to get that air bubble to get to the tip to be squeeze out is an exercise in frustration; the answer is just to 'shoot' until you get to the air bubble, and try to ...
  • Shooter Lube, West Jordan, Utah. 101,039 likes · 3,543 talking about this. Instagram @shooterlube We provide the Highest quality gun care products available! Non -Toxic, Odorless, clear with no...

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The DA/SA decocker does nothing when the pistol is in double-action mode, as the pistol is already decocked. But in single-action mode, after firing or manual cocking, pressing down on the decocker lever safely uncocks the action by moving the trigger bar (and therefore the trigger) back to its fully forward position and lowering the hammer without impacting the firing pin.
Not that this is new advice but using any major brand full synthetic 0w-20 works great. Cheap and 1 quart goes a long way. My guns don’t have Chrome lined barrels and maybe it’s just a placebo effect but a coat of lube thru my long gun barrels always makes them feel smoother shooting.

Mar 31, 2020 · Hi there I can’t decide wether it’s advantageous to wash & lube your pellets for any more accuracies? At the moment & for the last year or so I’ve been lubing my AA fields with Napier pellet lube Normally very accurate in my MPR, but the odd flyer at zero range (25yds) which I can’t put my...

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Shooter Lube Extreme Weapons Oil is different. With our NEW Cutting-Edge lubricant, we are creating a new level of gun Lubrication and Protection. Unlike many gun oils out there that just sit on the surface, our Extreme Weapons Oil penetrates deep in to the pores of the metal. It forms a bond on and in the metal that does not wipe off, wear off ...